We are experiencing the fourth industrial wave and witnessing a data and technology revolution. Spartan Labs Global was founded to ensure no industry is left behind as we move through this digital revolution. We are the “rent a geek” service every business needs to meet the demands of the fourth industrial revolution.


Based in both the United States and Dubai, we provide consulting, development and IoT system integrator services across the globe. Our diverse range of highly skilled professionals are dedicated to helping industries utilize advancements in technology to streamline, modernize, automate, and evolve their operations.


Through our customizable range of solutions, we ensure established organizations stay ahead of the curve and maintain market positions and those in emerging industries have the support they need to launch and stand out from their competition. Our integration of blockchain-based solutions ensures that the biggest challenge facing companies as they integrate IoT devices, data security, is at the forefront of all architecture design.


At Spartan Labs Global we are able to support a diverse range of industries and client needs. We have the capabilities to develop both simple, cost-effective solutions as well as highly robust technologically advanced innovations. The industries where we have seen the greatest need for our expertise are:

• Manufacturing

• Agriculture

• Public Sector

• Transportation

• Energy



We are looking to work with people and companies that have a strong desire to further the expansion of crypto, low energy mining technology, marketing partners and those who wish to place our miners around the globe.


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Dubai, UAE


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